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Competition Technical Assessment List 2021


3D Supplies and Materials

3D Visualization and Animation – Contest Update 3.25.21

Additive Manufacturing – Contest update 4.1.21

Advertising Design Supplies and Materials

Advertising Design – Contest Update 3.25.21

American Spirit – Contest Update 3.25.21

Architectural Drafting – Contest Update 3.15.21

Architectural Drafting Supplies and Materials

Audio Radio – Contest Update 3.25.21

Audio Radio Production Supplies and Materials

Automotive Service Technology – Tools and Materials

Barbering – Virtual Technical Standards

Basic Health Care – Contest Update 3.15.21

Broadcast News Supplies and Materials

Cabinetmaking  – Contest Update 3.25.21

Carpentry – Contest Update 4.1.21

Collision Repair Supplies and Materials

Collision Repair – PDR Lighting

Collision Repair – Contest Update 3.20.21

Commercial Baking Supplies and Materials

Commercial Baking – Contest Update 3.16.21

Cosmetology Update – 2.22.21

Culinary Arts – Contest Update 3.15.21

Culinary Arts Supplies and Materials

Culinary Quiz Bowl – Virtual Technical Standards

Cybersecurity – Contest Update 3.16.21

Cybersecurity – UPDATED Virtual Contest Guide 2.11.21

Digital Cinema Supplies and Materials

Early Childhood Education – Contest Update 4.1.21

Electrical Construction – Contest Update 3.25.21

Electrical Construction Wiring – Mock Walls for Competition

Firefighting Supplies and Materials

Firefighting – UPDATED Virtual Contest Guide 2.11.21

First Aid CPR – Contest Update 3.3.21

Hair Weaving – Virtual Technical Standards

Industrial Motor Control – Contest Update 3.25.21

Interactive Application and Video Game Creation – Contest Update 3.25.21

Job Interview – Contest Update 3.15.21

Job Skills Demo A and Open – Contest Update 3.11.21

Leadership Contests Update – 2.19.21